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Our Sustainability Efforts

Going Green

Casa Kep is committed to becoming environmentally and socially sustainable as well as accessible for all travelers. To help us achieve this we have developed a green policy that drives our directive and our future goals. 

We would also love to hear from you about our efforts to become sustainable and welcome feedback and advice to help us achieve this goal!

Green Tourism Logo
Green Tourism Gold Award

We are also proud members of Green Tourism! and have received their highest sustainability award (gold) and certification.

What is the Green Tourism Gold Award?

A tourism related business that achieves the highest standards of sustainability, has a strong and broad environmental ethos and can provide excellent examples of best practice throughout the three pillars of People, Economy, and Planet.

Green Tourism's review process

The certification process assessed our efforts based on our commitment to people and community, our commitment to the local culture, destination, and our operations as well as all of our environment preservation efforts.

You can review our Green Tourism sustainability report here.

Feel free to read our green policy and current goals for 2024.  We do ask that all guests respect our commitment to becoming fully sustainable. Try to minimalize your own impact and help our beautiful but fragile developing permaculture farm stay green. You are welcome to borrow one of our reusable shopping bags for your shopping adventures, or bring one of our takeaway containers with you when you go out to eat. And of course please recycle all of your plastic and cans and help me compost all your left-over unwanted food.  It helps feed the chickens and mother earth. 

Casa Kep suppliers

To become sustainable and get as close to net zero as possible, it is so important to choose local suppliers that are also sustainable. Buying imported goods does not help Cambodia develop, and has a massive negative environmental impact.  Think green - go local! 

Casa Kep's garden

If you become inspired and want to learn more about going net zero, climate change info, what happens to your waste, growing your own permaculture garden, and lessoning your own personal impact click HERE.

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