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What to do while visiting Casa Kep...

Kep is a small seaside town located in Cambodia's Kep Province. It is most famous for its relaxing atmosphere, beauiful scenery and fresh seafood. The area has been inhabited for hundreds of years, but Kep really began to flourish during the French colonial period in the early 1900's when a number of wealthy merchants started to build beautiful seaside villas, that have now become the ruins of Kep. Kep. Not too long ago, Kep was a vital port of entry for imported goods and people traveling from neighboring countries until the late 1960s. During the 50-60 years of expansion and trade it became known as the Southeast Asian version of the French Riveria.. But when civil war broke out in Cambodia Kep was abandoned and fell to ruin.. After decades of uncertainty, Kep finally began to rebuild itself into what is now a beautiful beach and eco-friendly tourism area where travelers can come to relax and breathe in the fresh sea and mountain air while enjoying some of Southeast Asia’s freshest seafood.. 


Kep Beach

Freshly Baked Pizza

The Food


The Mangroves


The butterfly farm


The Crab Market


The Caves


Abandoned Ruins of Kep


Kep Islands & Rabbit Island


Kep National Park


The Secret Beach


The salt flats

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