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Casa Kep Amenities


Our accommodations are limited to two private suites and two guestrooms on the ground floor of the main house.


We are pet friendly so feel free to bring along your beloved furry friends, as long as they are friendly! 

Free Breakfast

Free farm-style rustic breakfast comes with all rooms, served in Kep Garden Café, these will fuel you for a day of exploring Kep, no matter what time you wake.  


Breakfast is served from 7:30am-1:00pm and each afternoon all guests are welcome to join Kate for a spot of tea with freshly baked goodies. Served at 4pm. 


All guest bathrooms come with Kambio shampoo, hair conditioner, body wash and hand soap. Kambio is a Cambodian company that creates soap and cleaning products that are eco-friendly. They do not contain any harmful chemicals that may harm our delicate natural environment. 

Bamboo/charcoal pillows

There is a limited supply of bamboo/charcoal memory foam pillows available upon request to overnight guests.  These are perfect for anyone with neck pain. 


To make you feel like you are at home each room/suite comes with handmade bathrobes designed by Dear Amore, two pairs of flip-flops to wear around the garden, and two Querida wheat straw refillable water bottles to use to stay hydrated as well as Cambodian made mosquito repellent to keep the blood suckers off of you.  

Robes, Flip-Flops, Water bottles
Turn Down Service

For guests staying with us overnight we offer a turn-down service which includes fluffing pillows, folding back bedsheets, tiding up the room and a goodnight treat to sweeten your dreams.

Chill Pool

After a long hot day of touring Kep and exploring all it has to offer, all guests are welcome to hop into our small above ground pool to cool down.

Guest BBQ

With the crab market just down the road you may feel like wandering down there and picking up some fresh locally caught seafood to bring back and grill.  We have a large built-in guest BBQ area located behind the gazebo that you are welcome to use.  There is also a portable BBQ at the café that you can borrow if you need more grilling space. 

Creative Corner

Feel like reading a good book or painting something, or trying your hand at wood carving, block printing, a bit of sketching or play the house guitar? All overnight guests are welcome to explore all the books, art supplies, and musical instruments in the main house. 

Garden Harvesting

All Casa Kep guests (walk-ins included) are welcome to walk around the garden to learn about the different fruit trees and vegetation that are harvested for meals and drinks. Guests are welcome to pick any fruit that may be in season. But - Be aware of falling coconuts!

Motos & Bikes

Casa Kep has private parking for motos and other vehicles as well as three bicycles and two motos available free for overnight guests to use for short trips around Kep.

Note: These are first come first serve. or can be reserved ahead of time. 


Everyone who visits Casa Kep are welcome to kick their shoes off, enjoy the garden, and take a nap in one of our many garden hammocks. While each suite comes with their own private hammock.

Night Photography

If you would like to learn about long exposure night photography or painting with light, just ask Kate and she would be happy to show you how.


A DSLR camera and tripod can be provided upon request.

Furry Friends

Everyone who visits Casa Kep are also welcome to play with Baby G, the Casa Kep's puppy, or the kitty cats that reside on the property. Note: if you are allergic to pets, please let Kate know ahead of time. 

Additionally, you are welcome to bring your own pets and they will also be pampered with pet beds and homemade treats. Note: they must be dog and cat friendly. 

Games & Netflix

All guests of Casa Kep are welcome to enjoy the collection of free board games located in the café along with free WiFi. All of our overnight guests are welcome to free Netflix on all of our guest smart TVs.

Want to experience a more traditionally way to see are welcome to take Casa Kep's traditional Cambodian cyclo for a spin (be warned - it is much harder than it looks) or just sit and chill out in it. 

Ridin the Cyclo
Casa Kep Wheelchair

For those guests that may need additional assistance moving around the property or moving around Kep beach or the crab market, we have a free wheelchair available for guests to use. The majority of Casa Kep is wheelchair accessible, including the gazebo, the café, and the bungalow. Kate is an expert in accessibility and human centered design, so if you would like to walk a mile in the shoes of someone who lives in a wheelchair, you are welcome to use it to gain a bit of empathy. 

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