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Casa Kep Garden

The garden at Casa Kep abounds with an abundance of fruit trees, edible plants, and a developing permaculture mini farm with free roam chickens,, a dog, cats, a rooster and lots of tiny critters.  We are striving to be able to sustainably harvest the garden for use at the café, we also share our over-harvests with some of the residents of Kep as we often have too much for just us. All guests are welcome to walk around the grounds and if they see low hanging fruit that is ripe for picking, help yourself! Note: not all of these are fruiting at once! during dry season (Dec-May) the garden looks very different from Rainy Season (aka Green Season). The grass goes dorment and so do many of the fruit trees. 



We have about 20 coconut trees that surround the property that provide us with coconut water and the meat provides us with coconut flakes and coconut milk.


Star Apples

We have two star apple trees in the front garden and when they are fruiting it can often rain apples.


Mandarin Oranges

We have a small potted mandarin orange tree that fruits often



In our permaculture garden we have 5 ginger plants that we use for drinks and spicing goodies.



We have two turmeric plants growing in our developing permaculture garden that when ready to harvest will be used for herbal tea.


Beetle Nut Palm

A favorite chew for elderly Khmer


White Frangipani

These are also found around the property and when in bloom also send a sweet smell of frangipani throughout the garden



These small potted lotus/fish ponds are found throughout the property. They provide a home to many different species of tiny aquatic critters.


Sweet Potato

In our developing permaculture garden we currently have 4 sweet potato plants.


Passion Fruit

High among the trees we have passion frit growing - but the red squirrels often get to them before we can.


Kaffir Lime

Next to our garden we have access to a massive kaffir lime tree that provides us with kaffir lime rind and leaves



Known as the SEA version of ginger, we have two large plants growing in our permaculture garden that we use for drinks and spicing goodies.



We have one small lemon tree planted at the entrance to our permaculture garden, but it is just a baby and has many years of growing ahead of it before we can harvest.


Dragon tree

This is an endangered species and is know for its medicinal properties.  We do not harvest from this tree, we simply protect it. 


Red Frangipani

These are also found around the property and when in bloom also send a sweet smell of frangipani throughout the garden



In our permaculture garden and around the property we have several varieties of banana plants.


Milk Fruit

There are two huge milk fruit trees that provide shade and fruit for the café

Fresh Mangos


We have multiple mango trees around the property and when in season we harvest the fruit for all kinds of things, including jam. 



We have lemongrass growing around the property both as natural mosquito deterrent and spice.



In the center of the main walkway - heading to the café there is one large avocado tree that has been growing for a couple of years (planted by the previous owners) and should be ready to harvest in a year of so.


Bird of Paradise

These beautiful flowers line the walkway heading back to the Kep Garden Café


Pinwheel Flowers

These welcome you to the entrance of the main house of Casa Kep, when in bloom, with a delicate carnation like fragrance.

There is so much more to our garden. We are constantly finding new plants growing throughout the wild parts of the garden.  You need to see it in person to truly appreciate it. 

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