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Welcome to Casa Kep

This is a digital guide to your stay with us here in Kep

A Tale of Love, hardship and a dream come true.

Hello and a warm welcome from Kate and Kate (my business partner who lives in Phnom Penh), Im our magical grounds keeper, Asta-Brigid Westbrook (the very friendly black and tan puppy), Naughty Pants Ellis (grey cat with short tail), Simba (orange cat who lives in the roof over the cafe), Furry Kitty (the old fat half blind mean kitty). Odin (black kitty who purrs alot), Cooper (the rooster who thinks he is the King), The girls (the young female chickens - Molly and Andy), MamaC (the brown and white female chicken with two chicks) and Dolly, Be (the all brown female chicken who sleeps at the bar), Midnight (the black chicken who sleeps in the trees), and sometimes Django (large black old dog). We all hope that you love our little jungle/country Bed &Breakfast as much as we do.  

A bit of a back story

I, (Kate - the one welcoming you) am a Canadian/American that has been in Cambodia for over 12 years teaching design and business at various international universities in Phnom Penh, but a little over two years ago I wanted a quieter life. Ever since my early 20’s I have been dreaming about opening a small eco-friendly B&B tucked away in some countryside. In 2022 my dream came true and I am so happy that I get to share it with you! 

Being a builder (at various levels) and designer for more than 30 years I dove head first into renovations. Building the cafe with as much upcylced things that I could find, upgrading the electrics, redesigning the grounds, starting a permaculture garden, installing energy efficient equipment, painting, and working with some very talented architecture students (who have now graduated!), who built the bamboo gazebo, bamboo walls and BBQ area. Six months later after buckets of sweat, a bit of blood, a few tears, and lots of laughter, we opened the doors of the new Casa Kep  But note - it’s an on-going project and things are slowly being upgraded...including the pool area construction and garden improvement. 

As for Cambodia, it offers travelers (domestic and international) a wealth of activities, culture, and of course natural beauty. It is a country that has seen a troubled past, but is rapidly developing and has an exciting future ahead of it. However exciting as it is, we understand visiting new places and just the act of traveling can become overwhelming or tiring. Fear not, we are your sanctuary, a home away from home, a place to just breathe, share stories and find a bit of peace. If you are feeling a bit lost, I can offer some advice, feed you well, and encourage you to get some rest so you can continue on your adventures. 


Our well shaded garden has lots to offer, and it’s a perfect place to relax, sip on a handcrafted cocktail or iced beverage, nap in a hammock and soak in all that it has to offer. Our natural entertainment includes kitty cat play, Asta chasing Cooper, chickens being chickens, frogs, bird watching, monkey and red squirrel sighting, gecko wars, and spotting lizards the size of baby Godzilla. There is also an entire world of insects which come in every shape, size, form and color. These may include: large house spiders (they don’t bite), scorpions, cockroaches, centipedes (don’t touch these!) rhino beetles, ants, etc.  If you find any of these critters in your room please let me know and I will take care of them. Oh and the garden is also full of coconut trees and fruit trees - SO BEWARE OF FALLING COCONUTS! + FRUIT! PLEASE DON’T SIT BENEATH THE COCONUT TREES that surround the property.


NOTE: along the path to the Café you will notice a small garden under the avacado tree with a terracotta pot with a candle, this is a memorial for my lost loves: Badicato, Baby Girl, Tiny (Naughty Pants' mother, brother and sister), they each wandered out into the jungle and never came home, and last but by the far the hardest, my two babies (dogs) (Baby G and Dionach) that sadly passed away in August 2023 by a vicious hornet attack - if you see any hornets - KILL THEM immediately! 

Basic Information about staying at Casa Kep


As you can see we are a small B&B with 1 bungalow, 1 first floor suite, and 2 bedrooms so there is no need for a 24hr reception desk. But I live on site (in the other bungalow attached to the café) so if you need anything I will always try to assist you the best that I can. 

How to find me:

I am normally in the Café cooking breakfast or baking, at the bar (as it is my office), or in process of fixing something or building something.. If I am not around (I went to the market for supplies) you can always use technology to find me:- see the note on the table for contact info and wifi info.

Payment Options

We accept USD and Cambodian Riel, ABA, (VISA, MC), RiIA or REMITLY money transfer, black dogs, grey and black kitties, or a small peice of your soul.

Your guide to feeling at home

Your Room

All of the beds have hypoallergenic mattress toppers/covers on them to help you get the rest you need without worrying about allergies. If you find the beds are too soft with them on, please let me know and I will remove them for you. If you have neck issues - Bamboo/charcoal memory foam pillows are available.

If you would like a turn-down (fluffy up your pillows, check room for critters, close the mosquito netting, and turn down the sheets) service before you turn in for the evening just leave me your key :-)

There are free flip-flops, water bottles, and bathrobes available for you to use during your stay. BUT Please DON’T take the flip-flops, bathrobes, or water-bottles. They are provided as a convenience for you, but are for everyone to enjoy. They are cleaned after every guest. 

We are a pet friendly B&B, if you are staying with your furry friend (puppy or kitty) please DON’T let them sleep on the beds (or ask for a pet blanket to cover the comforters) - Pet bedding can be provided for you and please clean up after them! 

NOTE: there are 4 cats and one dog that live on the property. * If you have any pet allergies, please let me know and I will deep clean your room to remove any possible pet dander. 

Room Cleaning

If you are staying with us less than 5 days, I WILL NOT change your towels or linen as this is NOT environmentally friendly.  


If you are staying with us for more than 5 days and would like your room deep cleaned, laundry cleaned or need fresh linen please let me know and I will take care of it.  

NOTE: As I try to provide you with 100% privacy so I do not automatically clean rooms/bathrooms daily. But I am happy to do so - just ask and leave me the key :-) 

Electricity, AC, & Nighttime Outdoor Lights

We are in Cambodia, sometimes there are power cuts., unfortunately these are out of my control.  As we are an eco-friendly B&B please turn off all your lights when you are not using them, especially during the daylight hours. 

There are energy efficient AC units in all the guest bedrooms, feel free to use them, but please turn them off when you are not in the room as that wastes electricity (which harms the environment!).

The ground floor, bungalow, and top floor all have porch lights - turn them on if you are going out after dark as it gets VERY dark here.  We have outdoor lights - but they are stupid bright and disturb anyone staying in the bungalow and top floor - so we don’t use them and our wall lights were broken by monkeys/ants - so we are trying to fix them and make them monkey/ant proof (not easy) :-(

The Chill (living rooms) Areas

Each suite and the ground floor of the main house has its own private dining and living area complete with smart TV’s and free Netflix, but you are welcome to use your own Netflix or check in on your social media, they are all connected to the WiFi and have access to the internet.  If you need assistance working them, just ask. 


Each room has its own private bath, the Queen is not attached to the room. The showers offer both hot and cold water and the free bath products are Cambodian made and eco-friendly - please enjoy them but don’t take them! Also, the toilets drain into an underground septic system that is very sensitive, so please DON’T flush anything down them that you didn’t eat first. There are bins provided in each bathroom - please use them. 

NOTE:  We are on a private well, during dry season (December-June) our water level drops, so please use it sparingly.  Please don’t take 30 minute showers! 

The Kitchens

NOTE: I already have a 12 hour day, please keep the guest kitchens clean, wash your dishes, RECYCLE ALL PLASTIC/CANS in the baskets outside the side door of the main kitchen, and bring me unwanted left over food - I will give it to the chickens or Asta  - ALSO as I can’t monitor all of the kitchens on a daily basis.  If you see they are dusty - please let me know and I will take care of it. 

Water (drinking)

Drinking water is free at Casa Kep, there are large clay filters of clean drinking water located in all the kitchens and a large white container of filtered water at the Café (clay filtered). 

Cold drinks

There is selection of cold beverages in all the fridges and a large selection of cold drinks at the Café/Bar. If you would like cold drinks after 7:00pm please just ask me and I will set you up for the evening.

Tea and Coffee 

There is free tea and ground Cambodian coffee in all the kitchens as well as:  kettles, tea pots, French presses, cups, sugar, and honey. If you want fresh/soy milk, just ask. There is also tea and coffee in the café and comes free with your breakfast.  

Gas cook tops

There are gas cooktops in all the kitchens as well as a small section of pots/pans/dishes and utensils. You are welcome to use them all, but please clean up after each use and PLEASE TURN OFF THE GAS! 


There are microwaves in all of the kitchens, you are welcome to use them but please DO NOT place any metal (including aluminum foil) in them! Microwave safe plastic or ceramic are acceptable.  

Forgot Something?

If you have forgotten something (toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, razor, shower-cap, feminine products, or sunscreen)  no problem! Please ask me and I can provide most items.

  •     Bamboo toothbrush, comb, biodegradable shower-cap, and eco-feminine products are free.

  •     Razor is $ 5  (it’s wood and will last for a very long time!) 

  •     Sunscreen (Nivia) is $ 5

  •     Toothpaste (Colgate) is $ 1

  •     Water bottle - $ 4

If you need something for headaches, allergies, upset stomachs, small cuts etc. please ask me for assistance. I have a small medical kit on site and have been trained in first aid.

Café Food and Beverages 

FREE Breakfast


Your rustic home-cooked vegetarian/vegan breakfast is served from 7:30am - 12:30pm (go on, sleep in). 



If you are feeling a bit peckish (hungry) and don’t feel like walking around looking for food, there is a snack menu avialable Thursday-Sunday from 1:00pm-5:00pm If you would like a snack on Monday-Wednesday (this is available from 3:00-5:00pm) - as I am currently teaching online university courses from 1:00-3:00pm on Monday-Wednesday.

Evening drinks

If you are in the mood for a handcrafted cocktail, cold beer, glass of wine, or mixed drink... The bar is open from 3:00pm - 7:00pm nightly (unless noted)I will close the bar promptly at 7:00 (except for party bookings) as I need my own rest. If you would like to continue drinking, I can arrange extra beers/wine for you to take to your rooms or the gazebo.  But be mindful of other guests and their right to sleep in a quiet location. 

The bar is fully stocked with high-end Cambodian made spirits, international spirits., and a selection of wines (ask) You are welcome to play your own music (YouTube or blue-tooth), play a boardgame, or just sit and listen to the crickets (up to you).

FOR THE MENU - SCAN THE QR CODE (on the Tables) - or click here


If you would like to rent a moto for your time in Kep, just ask and I will arrange them for you.



Yes we have three bikes for guest use (free), but note none of the gears work and there are no bike repair places within a 20km radius! So - if you need a good leg workout - feel free.  You can also try the cyclo - but this is very hard to ride and a bit scarey... 

The Pool

Yes it’s a small above ground pool, provided for you to cool down in during the hot season (NOVEMBER - JULY) (it is closed during the rainy season (AUG-OCT) as it takes FOREVER to clean and would need to be cleaned every hour! - besides it’s too cold to sit in it during rainy season). The cover is always on it - to keep Asta (my puppy) safe as she loves water! If you want it open, just ask. When it is open, please do not DIVE into it! Why above ground? I didn’t want to dig a massive hole on property that I do not own, then pour concrete into it and fill it with loads of chemicals.  Not so environmentally friendly. 

There are pool towels located on the ground floor of the main house, feel free to use them and when finished place them in the laundry hamper. 



If you want to actually swim in a real pool - go to Raingsey Bungallows (about a 10 minute walk from here) it’s lovely and it only costs $3.00 for the entire day.  They also have a lovely pool side bar and a decent menu. 

Other Stuff

The BBQ area 

The BBQ area located behind the gazebo is for all guests to use and enjoy, feel free to wander down to the crab market and pick up some fresh seafood for grilling.  There are coconut shells that can be used for fire but if you would like charcoal, please just ask.



There is a small selection of boardgames located on the ground floor of the main house, you are welcome to borrow them anytime.

Creative corner

There is a small collection of art supplies (and art books) located on the ground floor of the main house, you are welcome to play with anything that is there.  Including sketchbooks, small canvases, colored paper, wood carving tools, paints and paint brushes. If you use any of the art supplies, please clean up after yourself. 


There is a small collection of all types of books located on the ground floor of the main house and you are welcome to borrow any book.  But please don’t take them, (unless you leave one behind) they are for all guests to enjoy. 

Badminton rackets & musical instruments

There is a small collection of badminton rackets and musical instruments located on the ground floor of the main house and you are welcome to play with them.



Or just take a nap in one of our many resting areas and hammocks. If you need a bit of alternative assistance to help you relax, a bit of baked and unbaked happiness is available at the café (just ask quietly). 

  • Kep beach is just a 3-minute walk down the road (to the left) and the crab market is just a 10 minute walk (to the right). 

  • The entrance to Kep national park is just a 5-minute walk down the road (to the left outside the gate - just walk up the dirt road - turn left at the top - and go straight). 

  • There is a mangrove forest a short drive away that leads to Angkol beach.

  • There are the ruins of Kep (a lot of abandoned mansions and homes from the war) that now host a plethora of street art. They are great backdrops for photography.  

  • There are really cool caves just a short drive outside of Kep. 

  • There is a jungle adventure up in the national park (with a rope course!) - KEP ROPE PARK.

  • Salt and Pepper tours (great way to stock up on spices)

  • Rabbit Island (note - during rainy season - best check the weather!)

  • Luxury Spa day - Veranda offers full spa services and it is only a 5 minute walk from here.. 

  • Need suggestions on other Kep based activities, just ask.




FOR A LOCAL MAP OF THE AREA: SCAN the QR code on the DOOR Or take one of the printed ones.


  • The crab market (ah this is what Kep is famous for!), there are several local restaurants located at the beach - including along the new ‘strip’, the beach street vendors, there is a small cafe three doors down (to the right) that makes good curry, Saravoan and The Beach House are very good,  Mister Pizza Truck is about 3km down the road, The Italian Corner is located about 5km down the road, Kep Coffee and Deli’s Kep are located near the pier, The Wave (a new hot spot for fancy dining) is located about 2km away, and Samanea Resort is a beautiful place for a nice dinner (located about 3km away).

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