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The Ruins of Kep

If you are looking for some pretty cool places to photograph, the street art that adorns the once luxury villas of Kep are fun, creative, and becoming ruins themselves.  There are no maps of the ruins, it's more of a treasure hunt. These ruins are scattered throughout Kep, but the majority can be found within the back streets of the city center.  Of course, if you are looking for a bit more excitement and are not scared of ghosts, you could always search for them at night...they are creepy, dark, and make perfect backdrops for interesting long-exposure night photography.

example of a ruin of Kep

"The evidence of a destructive past is found down almost any street in Kep, where the skeletons of holiday villas sit idly while being quietly consumed by the jungle".

(Bainbridge, B., 28/9/2001)

To learn more about the ruins of Kep, CLICK HERE

A bit more info on the ruins of Kep

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